Supporting Local Youth, Education & Agriculture.


To engage in public activities which will promote and publicize Pinal County and attract visitors, businesses, and out-of-state capital: to engage in the sponsorship of events which will attract national publicity to Pinal County; to engage in youth sponsorship and scholarships with an emphasis on agricultural business interests; and to engage in any other activity which the membership deems suitable for this corporation for the growth and general welfare of Pinal County, its youth, and agricultural businesses, generally.

Mission Statement

Pinal 40 exists as a fraternity of community members who organized with the primary objective of promoting Pinal County, its youth as well as farming and agriculture related businesses. Philanthropically, Pinal 40 and its membership focus on providing support and funding for youth and education through agribusiness related scholarships and support of local charities.

Pinal 40 Members

Bass Aja

Brant Bingham

Frank Boyce

Craig Caballero

Oscar Chapparo

Andrew Clements

Steve Coester

Trey Davis

Jason DeCarlo

Sean Dugan

Tony Dugan

Jamie L. Dykstra

Marc Ehlers

David C. Feenstra

David A. Fitzgibbons III

Tom Hemmersmeier

Doug Hubby

Chris Lopez

Dan Mace

Douglas Meier

Nick Lomeli

Chris Lopez

Dan Mace

Craig McFarland

Douglas Meier

Rick Miller

Damian Murrieta

Michael Norris

Bill F. Rainey

Cody Rainey

Rusty Riggs

Tim Robinson

Tony Salcido

John Scherpf

Bill W. Scott

Clint Shearer

Peter Smith

Terry Strain

Steve Subick

James Suor

Frederick Tucker

Donald J. Van Hofwegen

Joey Vincent

Cory Weddle

Joshua Whitford

Shawn Wilson

Bobby Wuertz

Honorary Member: Craig McFarland