Cougar Football


Wow!! This rare feat should be recognized and celebrated by our community and especially by the young people who accomplished it.

To commemorate this occasion, each member of the team can get a State Championship Ring. They are not cheap. The total cost for rings for the 46 members of the team approaches $10,000. Pinal 40, Inc. graciously agreed to partner with us to raise this money for the rings and to support these
young people.

They generously agreed to match any donation we raise up to $10,000. We appreciate Pinal 40’s support and generosity. If you know a Pinal 40 member, thank them for what they are doing for us and all they do for our community.

Cougar Football Club, Inc. exists solely to raise funds for the benefit of our local youth in support of the football program. Any funds we raise are used for those purposes. None of the funds raised by us go to the district, administrative or other supervisory costs.

Can you help us recognize these young men and get their rings?

If so, please make your donation to Cougar Football, Inc., and send it to:

Cougar Football Club, Inc.
501(c) Fitzgibbons Law Offices
PO Box 11208
Casa Grande AZ 85130

If you have questions, please contact Dennis Dugan at 520-560-2996. We a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Your donation will be tax deductible. For that purpose, our EIN is 20-0768920. In advance, thank you for supporting your hard working State Champions!


Donate Any Amount

If you do not want to donate in $50 or $100 increments, feel free to donate any amount you wish.